The ERA and Smart Specialisation.

The Friends of Smart Specialisation opinion on "The ERA and Smart Specialisation", which was first published in August 2020, can be accessed in full in attachment.

EU Green Deal

Boosting the European Green Deal through Smart Specialisation

The full contribution by Dimitri Corpakis "Boosting the European Green Deal through Smart Specialisation" can be found here


Thought Leadership Seminar

Thought Leadership Seminar: ‘Specialization and collaboration in the European Network of DIHs: Leading the way to a European Innovation Ecosystem and Infrastructure’


Smart Specialisation in the EU R&I Framework Programme

The full paper on "Mainstreaming Smart Specialisation in the EU R&I Framework Programme: challenges and opportunities.

EU Flags

Smart specialisation in the European Semester

The paper "Smart specialisation in the European Semester: towards multi-level governance for co-investments in green and digital transitions", which was drafted in July 2020 can be found in attachment. 

Covid Recovery
Richard Tuffs, Jan Larosse and Dimitri Corpakis

Post-Covid-19 Recovery Policies: A Call for Aligned, Place-based, and Sustainable Strategies

The Corona-crisis is a wake-up call to make our way of life and our economy more resilient. While still struggling with the immediate impact of the crisis, policy makers are preparing an unprecedented investment effort to direct our economy to a new, sustainable future.